By the Hand of Dragons: Blood of the Lunacorn

The Journey So Far


“Prisons are for men, AlinGuard is for monsters.”

To be sentenced here, they must pose a threat no single nation could handle. And now they're on the loose.


Sheath has just learned that he is not a boy, but a Chimera, a weapon created by powerful dragon magic to be the perfect warrior and win a war almost one believes is coming.


Fuumashon is at peace.

But no one smiles beneath the mountain.

The Chimera won their war but at great cost, half the clan will never rise again.

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By the Hand of Dragons: Scales
By the Hand of Dragons: Rizel
By the Hand of Dragons: Jeaga

Welcome to Fuumashon

*New Release*

“You would risk such wrath by stabbing a god in the back for him?”


“I would stab a god in the face for him.”


Kaharh, the Emerald Son’s ‘Dagger in the Dark’ has carved out a romantic getaway for her and her king, one last chance to build happy memories before the waves of war swallow them all. While she plans to spend both days in bed doing everything but sleeping, the mission changes when Shefa is stolen from her.