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By the Hand of Dragons:

Scales is another example of a great work of dark fantasy with elements of grimdark and shining magic, exceptional prose, and a story that will take you on a wild ride.  ~ Amazon Reviewer

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After saving the fabled kingdom of WoodsGate from invasion and surviving battle with mountain Giants, War Mages, and the Blood Soldiers of Loria, Shefa has fully accepted his destiny as lord and protector of Fuumashon.

Now he must assemble his army for the coming apocalypse. For guidance he seeks out his former mentor who has relocated to the living nightmare known as the Mile High Woods, where even the trees are murderers.

But a growing threat in the south derails his plans. A parasitic hivemind has taken control of the animals in the wild, mutating them into smarter, stronger, more dangerous versions than mother nature ever intended.

If left unchecked they will be the only species left in less than a month. 

To complicate this, his newest allies; the psionic warrior monks of the Emerald Fist refuse to join him until he proves himself by destroying the continent-spanning criminal organization known as the Silver Lotus, a group secretly controlling man’s most powerful kingdoms for more than 100 years.

Psionic Monks, mind-controlled monsters, and more blood than the rivers can wash away haunt the young hero who only wanted to be free.  


By the Hand of Dragons: Book II – Scales is a dark, violent, adult fantasy series replete with epic battles, bold new lands and graphic death scenes. This series has no heroes and no villains, only conflicting points of view in a world where ‘Hero’ is just the killer on your side.