By the Hand of Dragons:



     AlinGuard, a frozen prison at the top of the world for the worst the world has to offer. Simple murder or war crimes, even genocide is not enough to get one sentenced here; it houses those who pose a threat no single nation could handle on its own. And now the guards are dead, the convicts control the prison, and have converted it into their base of operation as they wreak havoc across the Whitelands.


     Shefa DragonPaw has offered his services to restore order to the unescapable fortress that has become the impregnable citadel. Unfortunately, powerful wards prevent any magic from being used within its walls. How will the dragon crafted lord of Fuumashon defeat a horde of unstoppable villains without the use of his most potent weapon?


     Monsters, nightmares and scores of assassins await him within AlinGuard’s storied walls. Once they conquer the Whitelands, with all its resources, even the combined armies of the north wouldn’t stand a chance. But how did they execute this coup? What is their true goal? And who is the mastermind controlling it all?”


     AlinGuard is one of the five pillars of legend along with The Rise Fuumashon, The Summer of IceStone, The Still of Sitherris and The Fall of DragonFell. Non-stop action, brutal combat, and hellish monsters fill every page of this adventure. The perfect tale for lovers of action and heroes who give no quarter.

  Prisons are for men, AlinGuard is for monsters.